Nabra Nelson |  Photo by Brett Love

Nabra Nelson | Photo by Brett Love

Mona Sherif-Nelson | Photo by Michael Nelson

Mona Sherif-Nelson | Photo by Michael Nelson

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Nuba, a Nubian woman who was forcibly relocated from her village in the south of Egypt due to its intentional flooding for the construction of the Aswan High Dam, tells the story of her people through her own incredible biography as well as through the ancient Nubian folkloric tales she grew up with. Based on a true story, Nubian Stories is a play about loss and legacy set simultaneously in the past and present. It transports us to the village for a brief moment and makes us realize how far we are from a not-so-distant history that is being erased.


Nabra Nelson is a theatre creator and community organizer from Nubia, Egypt, and California. She is also the Director of Arts Engagement at Seattle Rep. Playwriting credits include: Induced Labor (ReOrient 2019 honorable mention, Golden Thread Productions), Creation Gossip and Lillith (Heard Space Arts Collective), Nubian Stories (Br!NK New Play Festival, Renaissance Theaterworks), and Minute to Minute and Le Serious Shit (MultiCultural Drama Company).

Mona Sherif-Nelson is a Fadijja Nubian-Egyptian from the village of Abu Simbel. She is masters degrees in Art Criticism and Linguistics from Cairo University and Cambridge University, respectively. She has spent a lifetime studying, documenting, preserving Fadijja Nubian culture and heritage. She is the founder of the Nubian Foundation for Preserving a Cultural Heritage. She has worked as a writer, actor, model, and teacher. She is married with two kids.


Maya Burton is proud to join The Scratch team and to work on this captivating and profound story. A Cornish College of the Arts alum, some of Maya’s previous credits include acting with Taproot Theater, The 5th Avenue, Seattle Shakespeare, Off-Road Shakespeare and Seattle Children’s Theater. Others include directing/music directing with Florida Children’s Theater and producing her own play series, Raisins in a Glass of Milk. Next up: Anaia in Is God Is at Washington Ensemble Theatre.

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